The Yurt


Yurt from RiversideThe yurt.

Our full-time abode, beginning May 2014.

An ongoing, small-scale homesteading adventure.

Down-sizing — Down to the basics — Slowing down.




September 2010 — Choosing & Clearing the Spot

Late June, Early July 2011 — Deck Posts & Beams

July, August, September 2011 — Constructing the Deck

September 2011 — Yurt Crate Delivery

September 2011 — Yurt Framing

Late September 2011 — Yurt Sides, Windows & Roof

October 2011 — Back Porch & Wood Stacking

November 2011 — Wedding Week

October 2012 — Drywall & Loft Flooring

October 2013 — Runnels, Drainage, & Digging for Possible Springs

February, March, April 2014 — Final Prep for the Move

May to August 2014 — Settling In & Getting the Gardens and Chickens Set-up

September to December 2014 — Ducks, Equipment Storage & Snow

5 thoughts on “The Yurt

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this awesome blog documenting your progress! My husband and I are slowly taking steps to work toward a similar dream in the Santa Fe/Taos, NM area of simpler yurt living. We’ll be moving there next month (May 2015) and will rent for a while as we continue saving up for land and our yurt. Your pictures over the years are very, very helpful and have helped me understand a general time-span we’re looking at to get our home created. Your place is beautiful and you have done a wonderful job surviving winter! I look forward to future posts and updates! I know you’re very busy, but I’d be grateful to hear about any particular resources (books, yurt layouts, websites, tutorials, etc…) that you found helpful in your planning process if you get a chance.

  2. Oh JC! I SOOOOO want a yurt now. This is beautiful. How is it now, that you’ve been there awhile… has the novelty worn off? Would you do anything differently? I’m curious!

    • Hi Lynn, so good to be in touch with you for a bit! I feel as though the novelty has gradually molded into a deep sense of gratitude. The two things that I think we would do differently if time could travel, would be one, to make sure we had running water at the onset, and second to have prioritized solar electricity from the get-go. The good news is, after nearly 3 years we will soon be having running water and plan on installing our solar panels next summer! Yay

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