Dust Bathing — A Hen’s Day in the Sun

As we’re adding an addition onto our current chicken coop to accommodate a handful of new Icelandic chicks, I’ve had some extra time in the chicken area lately. I have not mentioned it before — chickens are AWESOME! I love being around them, watching them, listening to them. Such wonderfully social creatures. Not to mention, they tend…

Hawk Attack — Chicken First Aid

I came home last Monday to find our tiny Sultan hen, “Shorty”, wedged in a bloody heap between some stones in the coop area. A red-tailed hawk attack, in all likelihood. Despite the fact that I struggle with a not-so-mild touch of vasovagal syncope, I was able to get Shorty inside (still alive) and flush…

gus preparing nesting box

New Year Kits on the Way

                  We were anticipating a litter or two actually on New Year’s day, but alas Mother Nature follows her own schedule. A month ago we orchestrated five matings amongst our Mini Lop, Lionhead, Rex, and French Lop rabbits. So far, Helia (one of our Lionhead does) and Gus Gus (one of our Rex does)…

A Hope of Springtime Kids

The holiday season is upon us, bringing cheer and unseasonably warm weather. Taking advantage of both this as well as Clover’s standing heat and amorousness for her lovely buck — we let Clover and Dusty finally be reunited (if only for a few minutes) in the hopes of a litter of Nigerian Dwarf goat kids come mid-May 2016!

ducks feeding

Odd, but Admirable Ducks

Despite their seemingly goofy and chaotic nature, our ducks appear to have a lovely community mentality for sharing their morning feed. They approach the feeding trough, move down then out, and finally circle back around again. Fascinating.