Dust Bathing — A Hen’s Day in the Sun

As we’re adding an addition onto our current chicken coop to accommodate a handful of new Icelandic chicks, I’ve had some extra time in the chicken area lately. I have not mentioned it before — chickens are AWESOME! I love being around them, watching them, listening to them. Such wonderfully social creatures. Not to mention, they tend very well to themselves and their own needs!

Here is Maude having a lovely dirt bath (now that the sun has at last decided to show her beams in western New York!

Note how she skillfully cowers into the hole she’s dug and wriggles about to cover her feathers and body with dry soil. Other hens, in the background, took note and joined her in hygiene. Of course, rooster Moses, keeps watch, pacing and crowing. Begone parasites! Hello cleanliness!  Who knew dirt could be so clean.

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