Not the greatest of weeks

I150901_scout-2t’s been an emotionally rough week of the full “blood” moon for us here at The Menagerie Farm. Our lovely cat Scout went missing on Sunday evening (we fear the worst at this point as the coyotes have been circling close lately); and our Rex rabbit Honey Bunny died during the birthing of her kits this morning (all lost). We took Scout in as a stray kitten last November, just as the bitter cold of the season started to settle in. He has been a wonderful companion this past year, keeping me company while I built many of our large animal structures — despite the roar of the generator and pow pow of the nail gun. He loved to climb rafters, trees and anything that could bring him a vertical advantage. He will be greatly missed!

honeybunnyHoney Bunny came to us from Hidden Acres Rabbitry early this summer. She had wowed all that visited with her plush coat and docile personality. We know she would have been a great mother and steady resident of our rabbitry, had things not gone awry for her this morning.



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