A First Litter of Rabbits at The Menagerie Farm

Day Old Rex Rabbits

Day Old Rex Rabbits

32 days ago we placed our Rex doe “Hidden Acres Gus Gus” into our Rex buck “Hidden Acres Tansy’s” cage and let them do their natural thing… well sort of. Two-year old Tansy didn’t know what to do precisely. Laura had to keep taking him off of Gus Gus’s head and orienting him toward her rump. After providing them with both a morning and an evening tryst we let things go along normally for nearly a month. A few days ago we transferred Gus Gus to a larger cage and added a nesting box. In short order she made a swell nest in her box out of soft hay and fur that she pulled from her underside. Yesterday afternoon, day 31, I came home from work to find a gently heaving nest box with 8 little Rex babies. As my mother-in-law commented, isn’t nature wonderful and amazing?!


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