Grape Arbor—Some Home Brewing In Mind

Over the long, cold, New York winter we took to learning how to make wine and brew hard cider ourselves. The wine was from a kit, the hard cider from store-bought unfiltered juices. Now that we have a reasonable introductory understanding of both processes, we’ve decided to begin growing our own grapes for the wine fermentation. We’ve also located an apple press so that we can pick local organic apples ourselves this fall for our cider palate.

Based on an easy to follow tutorial posted by Michigan State University (written by Tom Zabadal & Gaylord Brunke), I was able to get the arbor built and stained, and a handful of Niagara grape plants in the ground pretty quickly.

10' x 10' Grape Arbor

10′ x 10′ Grape Arbor

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