A Day In the Life — Dryer Decay

It’s hard to believe there is time for it, but I actually have a full-time job OTHER than homesteading on Yurtland. Few friends and family realize what I spend my days doing when I’m not tending to ducks, chickens, dogs and cats, wrangling water, cutting down trees, fetching firewood, etc. Well, that is pretty much all I talk about! But alas, I am also the property manager for our families rental properties. It’s one of those amorphous titles (like my previous job at UMass Amherst, where I was an Instructional Designer and Associate Manager). Broad and murky. Basically now, when something goes wrong I fix it or find someone else who can. l’ve become a homeowner (in responsibility) times fifteen. Today it was a call about a dryer simply not drying. Not so simple when the duct line goes vertical twenty-plus feet through two stories and out onto the roof.

Up and Up and Up

Dryer Duct: It Goes Up and Up and Up!

Oh, and it appears that for some reason it hasn’t been cleaned in over a decade. I assume this because: 1) Of the sheer amount of lint that I finally got out of the duct 2) There was zero scaffolding in place to actually reach the duct through the crawl space without tumbling through a drop-ceiling. Crazy. So I picked up some 2x10s and finagled it.

After finally gaining myself access to all portions of the duct I was able to separate it and insert a long brush from the roof, the crawl space, and the origin. We ended up with a mound of lint scrubbed out of the duct system, and are back in business with plenty of hot air.


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