Our Cats Find Music

We took-in three stray kittens several months ago: Scout, Seuss, and Del Santo.

Our intention was to nurse them back to health and let them reside in a luxury, insulated, cathouse that I built especially for them on the porch of the yurt. (I’m allergic to furry beasts.) At the time, this seemed like a perfectly reasonable solution.

Luxury Insulated Cathouse

Luxury Cathouse

Turns out the feline trio was fairly fragile for a bit, and as timing would be — the polar vortex dropped in. We’ve been enjoying mostly single-digit and sub-zero temperatures since their arrival. Alas, they are still cohabitating with us, inside, often wreaking havoc and often amusing.

Along with broken glasses, chicken eggs batted from the countertops, tipped-over ladders, and many missing writing implements, this week also provided smile-filled amusement. Scout and Seuss discovered a mysterious black speaker that sang to them! For the first time since moving into the yurt (last May) we decided to be decadent … and use a bit of precious cell phone battery to stream music while sipping wine and cooking dinner. The cats were intrigued. Seuss is particularly enamored by the Lumineers’ “Ho Hey.” Scout is rapt by Fun.’s “Carry On.” And, our petite Del Santo is unimpressed, staying out of the hoo-hah per usual.

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